Belgian Waffles to Wow at Food Fest

Belgian Waffles to Wow at Food Fest

Ever heard of pearl sugar? We hadn’t, either. Now, Renegade BCS is excited to say our Food Fest will see such exotic treats as petit Belgian Liege Waffles by Najat Marden.

Liege waffles are Belgian waffles made with pearl sugar. Pearl sugar, which basically looks like regular sugar on steroids, is mixed into the dough; when cooked on a waffle iron, the pearls melt and caramelize forming big bites of crisp, browned sugar. It’s a denser, sweeter, chewier waffle than its American counterpart.

In America, waffles are served with calorie-laden syrup but in Belgium they are often served fresh on street carts, eaten with your hands only with maybe a light compliment of whipped cream or strawberries. The treat is really the waffle itself.

It’s not something you will see everyday, probably because the dough is hard to make and the essential ingredient, pearl sugar, is expensive and not readily available. We are lucky to have Najat bringing this treat to Texas for the Renegade Food Fest on Saturday August 10 from 10-2! Thank you Najat!

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