While there is no designated space for food trucks to congregate in Bryan – College Station, the twin cities are bustling with a full event calendar in which food trucks continue to play a large part of. If you’ve ever dreamed about bringing a beloved recipe or a new, innovative product to the masses, you may wonder how to get started. Use this checklist as an outline of the process.

 Things to consider:

  • Where will you park your truck? You may not park overnight on public property without written consent of the land’s owner.
  • Where will you dispose of your waste and grey water? Renegade has you covered on these fronts as well.
  • What about your cooking oil? We have a permitted hazardous waste disposal receptacle.
  • Where will you get potable water? Potable water is included in the Food Truck rate.
  • I need cold storage for my ingredients! Storage is available by the linear foot.
  • My cart doesn’t have a gas range! Can I cook at RBCS and leave with prepared products? Yes! We have one tenant who does just that. Get ready from start to finish with prepping, cooking, packing and cleaning at RBCS and then head out for the day.
  • This checklist is just an outline. Do your research and you will be ready to serve Bryan-College Station.