What you will need to get started with RenegadeBCS:

Operating agreement – This is the contractual Terms and Conditions related to using our facility.  This will be sent via DocuSign.

Policy agreement – You will sign off as having received and read this handbook.  Your signature signifies acceptance of all of the policies contained therein. This will be sent via DocuSign

Security Deposit – $250 refundable upon completion of agreement.

Electricity charges/Equipment Storage – Will apply if client brings in equipment needing additional electricity or wall space.  

Small Wares – We provide some.

Insurance – A certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance with Renegade Bakery & Culinary Studio LLC listed as additional insured.  Client must maintain such policy for the duration of the kitchen use.

  • A good option is Flip insurance www.fliprogram.com Cost: $299

Food Manager’s Certificate – All food businesses must have at least one employee who has a Food Manager’s Certificate.  Updated copies must be provided and will be kept on file. 

Food Handler’s Certificate – Every employee must have a Food Handler’s Certificate.  Updated copies must be provided and will be kept on file.

Request for Change of Ownership Inspection – This requests the Health Department to inspect our facility.