Ghost Kitchens: Running a Delivery-Only Food Business

Ghost Kitchens: Running a Delivery-Only Food Business

What is a Ghost Kitchen? Or is it cloud kitchen, or virtual kitchen…

Regardless of your buzzword of choice, delivery-only food establishments are a force to be reckoned with in 2019 and are giving traditional restaurants a run for their money.

With the consumer’s appetite for on-demand food comes an opportunity to deliver, with fewer capital resources and overhead costs.

Delivery-only concepts are a democratic approach for food entrepreneurs looking to test markets without needing a physical location in a high foot traffic (re: expensive) retail location.

The Food Corridor says, For operators looking for the lowest barrier to entry into a highly competitive industry,

the virtual restaurant is essentially
the new food truck (without the truck).”

The biggest limitations for food trucks are the high costs of outfitting and maintaining the truck, legal restrictions in regards to operating and parking the vehicle, inconsistent sales volumes because of bad weather or failed events, difficulty shuffling food and supplies on and off the truck, and back office challenges and fees associated with payments.

In order to legally sell food to consumers, you must produce your food in a licensed commercial kitchen. The last five years have seen a boom in the number of shared-use kitchens or commercial kitchens that rent by the hour, day or month to multiple tenants.

But until recently, such an establishment only existed in bigger cities like Austin and DFW, where the competition is also more saturated.

Now Bryan-College Station enters the playing field with Renegade Bakery & Culinary Studio. The unique space offers everything needed to start a virtual business –

  • the equipment,
  • a connection with food distributors such as SYSCO and Ben E. Keith,
  • a place to store your dry, cold and frozen ingredients, and even…
  • hot and cold holding equipment to keep your meals at the appropriate temperature until your delivery or pickup time.

If you are thinking of starting a delivery-only food concept, get in touch with us at Renegade to see how we can be your turn-key solution to getting your product into consumer’s hands faster, easier and cheaper.

Call Isabel McPartlin at 979-314-3195 or email isabel@renegadebcs.com

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