Hispanics Leading the Breakfast Scene

Hispanics Leading the Breakfast Scene

More than ever, eating breakfast in 2019 is often like taking an international trip. Breakfast trends at retail and foodservice are adapting to evolved tastes. According to Packaged Facts, more than half of US households agree that breakfast is more important than lunch or dinner. Women, adults over age 65, African Americans, and Hispanics emerge as demographics with greater propensity to be “breakfast believers”.

Hispanics are positioned to be among the most influential breakfast consumers. Accounting for more than 60 million in 2018, Hispanics represent about 19% of the US population and expected to grow 9% throughout 2020. This growing presence combined with impressive buying power requires marketers to use new strategies in order to appeal to the cultural and traditional values of Hispanics.

Breakfast bowls are growing in popularity on restaurant menus, and research shows that is because they are formats welcome in all kinds of global flavor influences. Foodservice is arguably leading the charge in catering to consumer demands for globally inspired and authentic breakfast foods that extend beyond the breakfast bowl, including Hispanic specialties like chilaquiles and migas, which target not just Hispanics but all the ravenous Millenials looking for the next big foodie thing.

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