Keto Muffins are Having a Moment

In May we revealed Renegade Muffinery, the newest line to Renegade BCS marketplace. If you’re not familiar yet, Renegade Muffinery is home of the rebel muffin…one that tastes good and is good for you. These gluten free, low carb keto muffins come in the signature Fab 4 flavors:

  • The Juno, a bacon-y masterpiece,
  • the Lily, filled with American sausage,
  • the Frida, Mexican chorizo
  • and the Sookie, a healthy muffin filled with veggies.

Each muffin has less than 4 carbs each, and is the size of a cupcake but so much better for you! Find Renegade Muffinery every Monday in the marketplace with freshly baked, ready to eat muffins. They also make appearances locally around the BCS. If you would like to order, visit renegademuffinery.com/ email isabel@renegadebcs.com or call (979) 268-2253.

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