Using a Shared-Use Kitchen to Start a Food Business

Using a Shared-Use Kitchen to Start a Food Business

Thinking about starting a food business in Bryan-College Station? We live in and enjoy a town that is seeing an exponential growth in food businesses within the last 3 years. New developments are bringing our residents together whether it’s a food truck festival or a mac and cheese cookoff. But how do you get started? Is a brick and mortar restaurant the only way to go?

There are many avenues to explore, include cottage law, online platforms, pop up events, or a brick and mortar location. Now, Bryan-College Station has a NEW outlet for culinary professionals: the Shared-Use Commercial Kitchen.

A business plan is essential to turning an idea into a success. Here are some resources for writing your own business plan:




Once you’ve formulated a business plan, think about how and where you want to produce. You may fall under the Texas Cottage Law: Visit http://www.texascottagefoodlaw.com/


  • No home inspections
  • No health department licenses
  • No permitting fees

But…the drawbacks include:

  • Nothing perishable – meat, dairy, anything requiring refrigeration, can be sold.
  • Cannot sell at a privately owned flea market, nor most farmer’s markets, without inspection
  • Would your home inspection pass the inspection? What added costs would come with the equipment needed to pass?
  • No product sales transactions on the internet (click to pay)
  • Can’t sell wholesale to restaurants or cafes

If you do not qualify for the cottage food law or do not want the restrictions that come with it, Renegade BCS is your perfect turn-key solution.

We provide a health department certified facility that works when you need it to, no more and no less. You aren’t being shackled to a 1 year + lease like with a commercial property. Our minimum is just 10 hours a month, and we are open 24/7, 365.

  • If you are dreaming of owning a food truck, we can be your commissary for grey water disposal, cooking oil disposal and potable water.
  • If you have a secret sauce that would blow everyone away, use our kitchen to prep and cook your ingredients, and even package and label the jars. No more messy house and family interruptions.
  • If you’re a cookie decorating pro but need the storage for your supplies, we have dry, cold and frozen storage available by the linear foot. Not to mention 20+ speed racks, drying fans AND an event space to teach a class!

Whatever your product is, working at Renegade BCS opens you up to new channels of distribution:

  1. We have a marketplace open 5 days a week where you can premier your product and get feedback from an already-established customer base. Using our marketplace is the perfect way to test the waters before opening a flagship location.
  2. You would now be eligible to sell wholesale to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop that is just calling your name. Another great way to get brand exposure and get the word out to the retailer’s existing clientele, who will recognize and remember you when you open your own restaurant.
  3. Using Renegade will allow you to sell at farmer’s markets and flea markets, where you’d have a chance to interact face-to-face with customers and likeminded entrepreneurs. Get trade tips and tricks from the experts!
  4. If you are a tenant at Renegade you can now sell your products beyond local – take payments online, package at Renegade and ship! We are 0.3 miles from a UPS office!

As you can see, there are only benefits to utilizing our kitchen. Let us help incubate your fledgling foodie business.

In our next post >>LINK TO FOOD TRUCK CHECKLIST POST<< we will get you started on how to start a food truck with a handy checklist. Print it out and keep track of your progress!

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